With roots firmly nestled in alt-country, Tennessee born, Canadian Zimbabwean raised, Angela Fama sings with her sweet, sad, and sassy voice alongside Edmontonian Guitar-Pickin'-Man Nenad Jelicic, steel guitarist Mike Flunkert, bassist Lynn Saffery, and drummer Steven Wegelin. Sometimes there's two, or three of them, sometimes five... but any way 'round it - cryin' or laughin' - they're havin' a good time.






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Listen here



“Evocative music with a cinematic quality to it; reminiscent of the Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star... earthy and sweet, like pure honey to the ears.”
- Discorder, Vancouver

"Never loses its feeling of sheer honesty." 

- Exclaim!, Toronto

“Sassy, sexy and armed with a husky, southern fried voice.”

- 24 hours, Vancouver

"Distinctly unique brand of alt-country."

- Beatroute, Calgary